AND THE WINNER IS… Dr Jackson’s is delighted to receive 5 awards for 7 of our products from The Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards 2019 panel of independent beauty experts, competing with the best skincare and wellness brands, in the natural and clean beauty space from around the world. The prestigious event is 100% independent and sponsor and ad-free.
The Dr Jackson’s winners are: 
'Best Night Cream For Mums' - Dr Jackson's 02 Night Cream
'Editor's Choice' - Dr Jackson's 04 Coconut Melt
'Editor's Choice' - Dr Jackson's 06 Body Perfecting Gel
'Best Body Oil For Mums' - Dr Jackson's Baobab & Rose Oil
'Best Wellbeing Tea Brand' - Dr Jackson's Expedition, Detox & Relax Tea
“No other awards champion beauty brands, both established and new, like The Beauty Shortlist does...a true celebration of the best.” The British Beauty Council, March 2018
Here are our winners and how to use them to achieve a healthy glowing skin, no matter the weather:
Dr Jackson’s Baobab & Rose Oil
A moisturising body oil with the relaxing scent of Damask Rose
Our winner in the Best Body Oil for Mums category is Dr Jackson's Baobab & Rose Oil, self-care in a bottle. The moisturising formula of this 100% natural oil blend penetrates deeply into the skin to nourish and soften. We’ve souped up our go-to Baobab oil with Damask rose oil, one of the most sought-after ( and therefore expensive!) oils in the world. So, if you’re feeling decadent, treat yourself to a luxurious massage or add a few drops to your evening bath. Cocoon yourself in the relaxing aroma and let your cares slip away.
Dr Jackson’s 02 Night Cream
An intensely rich and nourishing moisturiser

There is more than one reason why the beauty experts at The Beauty Shortlist Mama and Baby awards selected Dr Jackson’s 02 Night Cream for “The Best Night Cream for Mums” award. This second and well-deserved winner works hard while you’re fast asleep, working wonders to repair all the hardships your skin has endured throughout the day, from dehydration, to stress, to sun damage. This rich, buttery moisturiser is packed full of natural ingredients that work in harmony to nourish and soften the skin while you’re dreaming away.        

Clinical trials have proved these long-lasting hydrating effects - just one application works its moisturising magic on the skin for eight hours!

 Dr Jackson’s Expedition, Detox and Relax Tea
Organic tea blends
Meet winners Number 3. Feeling good, inside and out, is something we know a lot about and that’s been recognised with the ‘Best Wellbeing Tea Brand’ award for our Expedition, Detox and Relax organic herbal blends.
Dr Jackson’s Expedition Tea is a caffeine-free wake-up call with a difference, keeping you motivated and hydrated without the astringency of coffee or black tea. Baobab funicles, a novel tea ingredient rich in flavonoid antioxidants, work with immune-boosting honeybush and rooibos leaves to revitalise the body and enliven the mind. Drinks containing rooibos are used by athletes in South Africa throughout the day – it provides measurable amounts of minerals and electrolytes. 

Dr Jackson’s Detox Tea offers respite from the not-so-glamorous after effects of a bout of decadence, like bloating, heaviness, fatigue, dull skin and a low mood. This organic blend of cleansing and purifying ingredients is the equivalent of a reset button whenever you’ve been pushing your body a little too hard. Digestion-boosting fennel works in synergy with elderflower and aniseed fruit to soothe the stomach, while senna gently flushes your system. Spanish liquorice, known for its calming properties, lends a naturally sweet taste to revive the senses.

Dr Jackson's Relax Tea blend for those times when you need a moment of escape that truly nourishes your body and spirit. This relaxing organic herbal tea blend is based on a time-honoured German pharmacopoeia recipe. Valerian root, lemon balm and other natural ingredients have traditionally been used to relieve feelings of stress or anxiety, helping with restlessness and sleepless nights.
Dr Jackson’s 04 Coconut Melt
A hydrating and softening all-purpose balm

Our Editor’s Choice Winner - Dr Jackson’s 04 Coconut Melt a is hydrating and softening all-purpose balm, contains just a star ingredient: the best pharmaceutical grade 100% Organic Coconut Oil - Good for everything. A hydrating and softening all-purpose balm, coconut oil is known for its rehydrating, emollient and elasticising properties. It contains a substance called cocoin, which is composed of a variety of glycerides and fatty acids that work together to prevent wrinkle formation and other signs of skin ageing. It also contains lauric acid, which can easily penetrate the structure of the hair stem, helping to stop degenerative processes. With all this in mind, welcome our 04 Coconut Melt to your bathroom shelf and your life.

Dr Jackson's 06 Body Perfecting Gel 

An all over moisturising gel, ideal for an active lifestyle

Last but most definitely not least meet our 5th award winner. Our 06 Body Perfecting Gel was selected for ‘The Editor’s Choice’ award of The Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards 2019.

Our 06 Body Perfecting Gel is an all-over moisturiser, rich in antioxidants to revitalise, hydrate and retexturise the skin in one smooth application, no extra tools required. This light, yet decadent formula has been designed to absorb quickly into the skin, leaving zero residue or stickiness (i.e. no waiting around before you get dressed). The natural ingredients in the 06 tighten and firm the skin, as well as stimulating repair and regeneration - stretch marks, scars and cellulite be gone!

It’s ideal for those with an active lifestyle; massage into skin post-workout or post-yoga to help tired muscles recuperate and leave skin feeling silky and lustrous. Unlike lots of heavily scented body creams that clash with other fragrances, the restorative aroma of patchouli acts as a soft base that will subtly enhance your perfume or cologne.

About The Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards
Celebrating 10 years of green beauty this year, The Beauty Shortlist was founded in 2009 by beauty and wellbeing journalist Fiona Klonarides to shine the spotlight on natural beauty and encourage consumers to adopt a greener way of living.
Judged by natural health and beauty experts, The Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards honour the stand-out natural products for mothers, babies and children.
This comprehensive annual list of top-scoring ethical brands and gentle organic products spans beauty, pregnancy, health, baby and toddler, planet-friendly cleaners, nutritional products and aromatherapy. The awards are entirely ad-free and sponsor-free.
Fiona Klonarides, founder, The Beauty Shortlist, was voted No. 4 in this year's Natural Beauty News "Who's Who in the Natural Beauty Industry" Top 25 (UK)
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