We are delighted to receive four awards from The Shortlist Beauty Awards 2019, from a selected group of industry experts from the UK, Australia and USA having reviewed products submitted from different parts of the world, over a period of six months.
The panel of independent beauty and wellness experts, totally unknown to us, judged our products against over 600 prestigious skincare brands in a100% independent, sponsor and ad-free event, and voted to recognise Dr Jackson’s with four awards in three different categories, affirming our efforts, research, time, investment and passion to provide our customers with the best and safest formulations to care for the skin have achieved intended results.

The Dr Jackson’s winners are:

Dr Jackson’s 04 Coconut Melt - Editor’s Choice - Beauty

Dr Jackson’s 05 Face and Eye Essence - Editor’s Choice - Beauty

Dr Jackson’s 07 Face Wash - Best Foaming Cleanser

Dr Jackson’s Detox Tea - Wellbeing Tea Category

“No other awards champion beauty brands, both established and new, like The Beauty Shortlist does...a true celebration of
the best.” The British Beauty Council, March 2018
Here are the winners and how to use them to achieve a healthy glowing skin, no matter the weather:
Dr Jackson’s 04 Coconut Melt
A hydrating and softening all-purpose balm
We’ve long been savvy to the endless benefits of coconut oil for your skin: coconut oil is known for its rehydrating, emollient and elasticising properties. It contains a substance called cocoin, which is composed of a variety of glycerides and fatty acids that work together to prevent wrinkle formation and other signs of skin ageing. It also contains lauric acid, which can easily penetrate the structure of the hair stem, helping to stop degenerative processes; with all this in mind, our 04 Coconut Melt came to your bathroom shelf and your life.
Natural Powers:
Our Editor’s Choice Winner - a hydrating and softening all-purpose balm, contains just a star ingredient: the best pharmaceutical grade 100% Organic Coconut Oil - Good for everything!
How to use:
- Smooth onto face to minimise the appearance of fine lines or highlight cheekbones
- Apply over your body or any area your skin needs hydrating
- To condition hair: rub a small amount into ends as needed, or use as an intensive hair treatment before bed, then rinse out the following morning
- Spot-treat dry areas, such as lips, cuticles and elbows
-Use as a natural makeup for all glowing skin occasions
- Use to remove eye makeup, followed on with Dr Jackson’s 07 Face Wash
- Apply on newborns scalp or to protect babies from wet nappies
As coconut oil naturally liquefies and solidifies in response to changes in temperature, we recommend storing in a cool, dry place and refrigerating at temperatures above 23°C (74°F).
When traveling, keep it in a sealed bag to avoid any accidents.
Dr Jackson’s 05 Face and Eye Essence
A refreshing gel toner for the face and around the eyes
Our second Editor’s Choice Award Winner was created for those mornings when our skin needs a bit of a pep talk; dark circles, puffy eyes, a dull complexion, gravity taking its toll... Our 05 Face and Eye Essence will reverse a multitude of sins and restore skin to its optimum condition, especially when you are jet-lagged, hungover or skin-tired from a day under the sun.
This refreshing and firming gel toner is like a tall, cool drink - for you and your skin. The natural ingredients in the 05 Face and Eye Essence are rich in vitamin C, nourishing, tightening and brightening to banish eye bags, rescue thirsty skin cells and make your complexion glow. A lightweight, soothing formula with fragrant botanicals, the act of smoothing it onto your skin is an invigorating treat in itself, even before all those nutrients have had the chance to kick in.
Quickly absorbed, the 05 Face and Eye Essence is ideal for layering with other products. Use all over the face to balance skin tone in between cleansing and moisturising, or target areas that need a boost. Alternatively, for oily/combination skin and humid climates, the 05 is a breathable, mattifying moisturiser all by itself.
Those editors know more than a thing or two about skincare products - they have tried them all!
Natural Powers:
Baobab seed oil and kigelia fruit extract: nourishing baobab is packed with antioxidants and is high in fatty acid content offering intense moisturisation and kigelia evens out skin tone and promotes elasticity for a healthy, youthful complexion.
Damask rose flower water, aloe leaf juice and roman chamomile flower: calming rose water, aloe and chamomile alleviate puffiness and enliven the complexion for instant rejuvenation.
How to use:
- Use daily after cleansing: gently pat a small amount all over the face and around the eyes to tone and tighten the skin
- Allow to absorb fully before applying moisturiser
- Ideal for refreshing the skin after sun exposure
- Use during and after long flights or late nights
Clinical trials suggest that our simultaneously calming and hydrating formula 05 Face and Eye Essence may help to treat the symptoms of conditions such as eczema, offering a natural alternative to steroid creams.

Dr Jackson’s 07 Face Wash
An uplifting, gently foaming cleanser with a bright citrus scent
Washing your face morning and night is a no-brainer in your skincare routine, but the cleanser you choose requires more thought.
There is more than one reason why the beauty experts at The Shortlist Beauty Awards 2019 selected Dr Jackson’s 07 Face Wash for the "The Best Foaming Cleanser” award.
Our third and well-deserved award winner works hard from early morning till late at night, eliminating dirt, bacteria, pollutants and other impurities that are coming for your skin everyday; it cleanses but without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. Dr Jackson’s 07 Face Wash is a fragrant, gently foaming cleanser carefully formulated with the best botanicals, including pomegranate, baobab, kigelia, mandarin and lemon peel - to cleanse, lightly exfoliate and moisturise all at once. The uplifting citrus scent is perfect for awakening the senses in the morning, and cleansing your mind of the day’s troubles at night.
Natural Powers:
Kigelia fruit extract, mandarin orange peel oil and lemon peel oil: kigelia and citrus oils work in harmony to cleanse, tone and tighten the skin.
Baobab seed oil: high in fatty acids, baobab hydrates and nourishes the skin.
Pomegranate fruit extract: pomegranate is full of antioxidants and is a natural, gentle exfoliator.
Roman chamomile flower oil: chamomile is known for its softening and soothing properties.
How to use:
- Use morning and night, or as needed. Massage into wet skin avoiding the immediate eye area, then rinse off with water
- Adjust the amount of product to your skin type: use more with oily skin, less with drier skin
- Follow with Dr Jackson’s 01 Day Cream or 02 Night Cream moisturisers

Dr Jackson’s Detox Tea
A cleansing organic tea blend – 21 teabags
Feeling good - inside & out - is something we know a lot about and has been recognised with another award in the new Wellbeing category by The Shortlist Beauty Awards 2019 judges.
Dr Jackson's Detox Tea received the Wellbeing Tea Category Award. Our organic Detox Tea - a blend of cleansing and purifying ingredients is the equivalent of a reset button whenever you’ve been pushing your body a little too hard. Digestion-boosting fennel works in synergy with elderflower and aniseed fruit to soothe the stomach, while senna gently flushes toxins from your system. Spanish liquorice, known for its calming properties, lends a naturally sweet taste to revive the senses. Over-indulged? No need to worry, our Detox Tea is here to make you feel good as well as lighter in body and spirit!
Natural Powers:
Fennel seeds: fennel seeds are chewed after meals in several cultures, used as a breath freshener and to aid digestion. The high fibre content of the seeds, as well as their ability to increase bile flow and ease cramps, make fennel ideal for those with digestive issues.
Aniseed: in traditional Chinese medicine, aniseed is known for its harmonising effects on the body, including the digestive system. Similar to fennel, aniseed has a sweet and spicy aroma that promotes an overall feeling of balance. It has also been shown to have anti-ulcer and anti-inflammatory effects.
Senna: infusions cultivated from senna pods have traditionally been used to improve digestion and relieve occasional constipation.
Liquorice: sweet and soothing liquorice settles the stomach, maintaining a healthy digestive system.
How to use:
- Ideal as an after dinner digestif or any time you need to give your system a gentle cleanse
- To make the perfect cup, add freshly boiled water and infuse for 3-5 minutes or according to taste
- Can also be enjoyed as a cooling drink in warmer weather: prepare as above, leave overnight in the fridge and serve chilled.

At Dr Jackson’s we take things a little bit further - making sure that, in addition to providing the highest quality ingredients in our formulations, in everything we do we care for both your skin and the planet: we never use sulphates, artificial fragrances or colouring; all of the ingredients are ethically sourced; our products are vegan and we never test on animals.
About The Beauty Shortlist & Wellbeing Awards
Founded by beauty journalist Fiona Klonarides (voted no. 4, Top 25 Who’s Who in the Natural Beauty industry UK 2018), The Beauty Shortlist has consistently championed clean beauty since 2009 and celebrates its 10th year this summer. This year’s 8th annual beauty awards and first ever Wellbeing Awards received a record number of entries. Both awards are global.
“I have followed Dr Jackson’s from the very early days, so this year’s Beauty Shortlist Awards and new Wellbeing Awards wins are a wonderful result, particularly as the bar is high and our Awards are not easy to win. Last year, we received entries from 40 countries and over 600 brands - this year’s entries were significantly higher. Dr Jackson’s is a much-loved brand by us for many reasons, most notably for the appealing apothecary-style branding and intelligent, innovative “super-plant” formulas - so, huge congratulations on this year’s multiple wins!”  Fiona Klonarides, Founder, The Beauty Shortlist @beautyshortlist
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