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It’s lift-off here at Dr Jackson’s HQ, Bristol. Between the 9th and 12th of August, hundreds of hot air balloons will fill the skies for Europe’s largest balloon festival.

A Bristol icon, Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is a wonderful sight and a true sign of summer in the South-West as thousands flock to experience the spectacular sight of over 130 balloons from around the world. From the iconic docks and harbourside to Brunel’s world-renowned Clifton Suspension Bridge, you’ll be hard-pushed not to spot a colourful flurry of balloons flying high across the city. 
A little history of Bristol International Balloon Fiesta…
So where does Bristol’s affinity with hot air balloons originate?
1784 saw the first ever Bristol balloon launch back in the early days of flight when a craze for commandeering the new craft swept the nation.
In true Bristol style, the festival was first dreamt up over a pint in a pub in 1979. Don Cameron, owner of the world’s largest balloon manufacturer came up with the novel idea of staging a small hot air balloon festival in the city.
Cameron was part of the team that built the first modern hot air balloon, the Bristol Belle. He was even the first to cross The Sahara and The Alps in a balloon. With these accomplishments in mind, why couldn’t a small festival also be turned from a dream into a reality? 40 years on, it’s still going strong and bigger than ever!

Don Cameron and The Bristol Belle - image credit

Bring your Expedition to Bristol

What better time to come and enjoy a Bristol Expedition? Don’t forget to pack some cold-brewed Expedition Tea in your hamper. Simply add freshly boiled water and leave to infuse overnight. Serve over ice with refreshing orange slices for added flavour.

Our advice for extra protection for a day spent in the city: guard your skin against good weather (and bad!), pollution, frowns, tears and laughter - apply your 01 Day Cream with SPF 20 before you step out the door and have a wonderful expedition! 

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