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At Dr Jackson’s we believe in beauty that goes beyond the surface. From the beginning, our science-led natural skincare and organic herbal tea brand has supported projects and initiatives which bring knowledge, encourage debate, support innovation, tell good stories and, most importantly, promote wellbeing, bringing more beauty to our daily lives and souls!
Whether it is art, fashion, cinema, technology, sustainability or science, we partner with like-minded people, believing that together we make the change our planet needs, and inspire future generations to continue our journey.
We are proud to support the 46th Telluride Film Festival, an influential organisation that makes the commitment to excellence and, every summer, celebrates the best in film - past, present and future - from around the world.
The Show creates great expectation amongst attendants from around the world due to its unique nature as a film festival. What is to be seen every summer at Telluride, is always a secret until the program is revealed to the public on the same the day the festival officially opens. 
Films stars, critics and cinema addicts, all gather in Telluride to tell or discover new stories.
Picture seeing a movie before anyone else…before the ubiquitous critics, the in-laws, your local film snobs. Imagine viewing a new film without an ounce of prejudice because it is the first screening and you are its first audience. Telluride movies are always discoveries. BLUE VELVET, STRANGER THAN PARADISE, EL MARIACHI, CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON, EL NORTE, TALK TO HER, BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, CAPOTE, THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND, JUNO, THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, THE LAST STATION, UP IN THE AIR, and THE KING'S SPEECH all debuted to the surprise and delight of Festival-goers.
To celebrate the latest edition of this unique cinephiles’ feast, we have created a selection of Wellness Kits combining our award-winning natural skincare products and organic herbal teas in our sustainable packaging - gift boxes printed with cinema’s graphic motifs and knotted with cotton ribbons. These will keep you - or your friends who love to discover wonderful stories from around the world - glowing day and night.
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Enjoy Dr Jackson’s and The Show!

To know more about Telluride Film Festival 2019, download the app from the Apple Store or visit:

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