Adansonia digitata
Adansonia digitata
The spectacular looking Baobab tree is largely native to the African continent, it belongs to the family of Malvaceae. Is traditionally known as the “Tree of Life” and also referred to as “Upside-down Tree” because its branches look like roots. Every part of it, from leaf to root, has long been cherished by African communities for its healing properties and health benefits.
The leaves are an excellent source of protein, minerals, vitamins A and E. The fruit powder is very rich in vitamin C and B2, offering great health benefits. Baobab seed oil is exceptionally nutrient rich, moisturising, packed full of antioxidants and has been used to help condition the skin and hair, as well as to protect against environmental pollutants.
Traditionally, in the regions where the tree grows, the bark, leaves and seeds have all been used to treat various diseases and health problems, but its most common uses have been for supporting immune system, for skin health benefits, improving digestive health and for reducing fever - a mash made of dried bark has historically been used as a natural herbal remedy for fever and high temperatures.
Baobab is very high in polyphenols – plant compounds with protective antioxidant activity. In addition to being rich in antioxidants, baobab also has anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties.
Due to its moisturising properties, baobab seed oil has long been used to condition the skin, improve its firmness and strength, and to keep nails strong and healthy.
Baobab oil is a nutrient-rich oil with various health benefits that comes from the cold-pressed seeds of baobab fruit. High in antioxidants, vitamins A and E and omega fatty acids, it is excellent to restore dry skin and to condition hair, and because it is a lightweight oil with a smooth texture, it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy feel on the skin.
The powerful benefits of baobab seed oil have been known by African communities in Africa for centuries.

Baobab is a star ingredient at Dr Jackson’s and has been extensively researched prior to being included in our skincare products, as well as in the Expedition Tea, due to its magnificent properties and health benefits.
For us Baobab means everything, and it should to you as well. We have created an important alliance with the Baobab Foundation, to support their educational programs and the Baobab Wilding Campaign, planting young Baobab trees and protecting them from external threats. When you buy one of our products that contain baobab, you are bringing a fair income to women in Africa and funding the education of future generations too.
You can read more on why Baobab is here to save the world – and your skin! in an interview with baobab expert Gus Le Breton here
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